Smith Ideal Cup

Smith Ideal Cup

by Smith
  1. Made locally in Wellington, New Zealand by local people
  2. 100% Reusable
  3. 100% recyclable
  4. 100% BPA Free
  5. Able to be used with purpose designed reusable lid or a standard 90mm biodegradable and compostable (Certified EN13432 compostable) lid
  6. Sipping hole easily sealed with the rotating insert - safe to carry without spilling and no nasty dribbles in your handbag or on the car floor
  1. Barista grade & friendly - 100mm tall to fit under almost every espresso machine group head
  2. The same volume as a standard takeaway cup 12 oz or 355 ml with internal markings for small and regular size drinks
  3. 100% BPA Free
  4. F.D.A. (US Food and Drug Administration) approved as fully non-toxic
  5. Light-weight, modern design allowing a comfortable hold when hot, keeps the drink hotter for longer
  6. Dishwasher safe
  7. Microwave safe
  8. Design Registered No. 413123
  9. Fits car cup holders
  10. Safe for the whole family
BULLITT Cycling Gloves by Thousand Helmets


  • Full cowhide leather with metal snap closures
  • Breathable fingerless design with air vents throughout
  • Padded palm and grip
  • Colour - Caramel

Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter (anti-chafe cream) 100gm

by Sweet Cheeks
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A natural anti-chafing cream for all athletes. Soothing and antiseptic, it helps to prevent chafing, blisters and sores when biking, running or swimming. Apply Butt Butter before you exercise to any spots that rub or are irritated. Because it is Beeswax based, it is safe to use with wetsuits and stays on the skin even in wet conditions.

Some favourite uses of Butt Butter are:
• on the neck with wetsuits
• toes to prevent blisters while running
• bike chamois to keep you comfortable on your saddle
• On your lower back for kayaking

NZ Beeswax, NZ Comfrey Leaf and Calendula Oil,  Apricot Kernel Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Spring Water, Pure Essential Oils of NZ Lavender and Manuka, Emulsifier E, Geoguard.

Sweet Cheeks Hot Cheeks 80gms

by Sweet Cheeks
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Peppermint and Chilli warms, soothes, and refreshes your sore muscles when you massage Hot Cheeks into them. Hot Cheeks is a natural alternative to heat balms, the Chili extract will warm you up as your body heats up, perfect for cold morning rides or as a pre-race warm up.  Natural anti-inflammatories Chili and Arnica help to sooth your muscles when they are sore.
NZ Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Arnica Oil, Comfrey Oil, Calendula Oil, Chili Seed Extract, Pure Essential Oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Camphor.

Sportiva Bag

Sportiva Bag

by 24 bottles
Compact and agile daypack. Lightweight, water-resistant and dependable, Sportiva Bag is the perfect carrier to stash and carry your goods in a comfortable way during the rush hour.
Designed for everyday use, Sportiva Bag offers a simple carrying solution with a minimal, versatile design as you venture into the city.
With enhanced mesh side pockets for water bottles, Sportiva allows even more convenience during your travel.
Rains Backpack

Rains Backpack

by Rains

The Backpack has one main room and features an inside laptop pocket.

The cabin is closed with a one hook function. The two adjustable shoulder straps will ensure a comfortable experience.

There is a hidden phone pocket on the backside of the bag which gives quick access when you are on the move.

Perfect for keeping your computer or documents dry on a rainy day.

Oopsmark Leather Yoga Strap


by Oopsmark

This clothing hook hangs from the ceiling, so you can use to hang up your clothes without taking up too much space. I was inspired by horse tack used to hang up saddles in barns, and the final design looks like a cool ninja-style grappling hook.

You can hang this slim and minimal clothing hook anywhere you need a bit of extra organization, like a bedroom or a front entrance. It also adds a nice slick design element to your space.The Grapple Clothing Hook is made of 2 flat hooks that are wrapped in leather. To assemble it, simply twist the hooks into an x shape, and pull the lower hook up to align them, and tighten the knot. It comes with a length of leather to hook it to the ceiling.