Bicycle clothing

BULLITT Cycling Gloves by Thousand Helmets


  • Full cowhide leather with metal snap closures
  • Breathable fingerless design with air vents throughout
  • Padded palm and grip
  • Colour - Caramel
Georgia in Dublin Gloves....And Cuffs

Georgia in Dublin Gloves....And Cuffs

by Georgia in Dublin

Have you ever been offered a tasty morsel when you are wearing gloves but are loathe to take them off in the winter chill? Or you have big rings that you can’t fit your gloves over? Have you ever had soggy gloves that take eons to dry? If so, get yourself some polar fleece gloves …And Cuffs!

The And Cuffs can be worn on their own or over any gloves to keep them dry. They also work really well as a high visibility signal when cycling.

Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap

Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap

by Georgia in Dublin

Combat the rain with this wrap around rain skirt. A perfect alternative to waterproof trousers, the Rainwrap is blissfully easy to take on and off without the palaver of pulling over shoes. The Rainwrap: – keeps your legs dry both cycling and walking and on a scooter! – is high waisted to avoid gaping – can be used on bikes with a cross bar – can be used as a picnic/festival blanket for those damp lawns and fields! – folds away quickly and easily! – Noiseless, waterproof (10,000mm) fabric, lovely soft handle. To put on simply wrap it around like an apron with the reflective strap to the back.  Use of the garter prevents the Rainwrap from riding up in windy weather. All Rainwraps come with a garter.  [embed][/embed]


in cms
Hip Size
up to 109.2 96.5
Large up to 114.3 96.5
XL up to 127 96.5
Retro Caps

Retro Caps

by PRV
Stop the rain getting in your eyes or protect your head from the sun, repel the cold or mop up the sweat. Simple, elegant and functional. Elasticated back means one size fits most heads.