Ride Share in Melbourne

Melbourne is renowned for a city thats great to cycle in and a new ride share programme has just been launched in the last few weeks called obike.  This weekend I got the opportunity to test ride this concept which came from Singapore. These bikes are all over the city, I literally stumbled across one outside my hotel - no need for docking stations like the old traditional Blue Bike Share.
All you need is a smart phone & a credit card and your good to go.   Super easy to download the App, then you load the deposit ($49 USD) and your good to go. The bikes are slightly more cumbersome than I am used to with no gearing , the hills thankfully are not nearly as steep as Auckland! The biggest advantage is you can leave them anywhere there is a parking sign on the app and they are plethora of them. As its law in Melbourne, the bikes are all equipped with internal bell, a helmet and you self-lock with the obike app.  Being new the bikes are all in good condition, however my my third bike usage the helmet was damaged, the app was easy to navigate to log & photograph the broken helmet. All in all Melbourne is a great city to ride in and the Obike share makes it really easy to get from A to B.  Lets hope they all stay undamaged.
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