Cycling in the rain

Rain New Zealand is gorgeous, however we are blessed with a large rain fall through out the year!  Here are a few of our favourite accessories that can make your ride in the rain so much more pleasant. Save your clothes Stopping the stripe! There is nothing worse than water flicking up your back , if you don't have fenders for your bike there are two awesome options to consider  AssSaver or The Plume  Keeping your eyes dry The urban helmet by thousand is not only stunningly designed, we've also discovered the peak cap is ideal for keeping those rain drops out of your eyes One for the ladies Keen to look elegant  on your bike and stay dry - the Georgia rainwrap is the ideal solution.  There is also make a cover to keep your basket contents dry too! Keep your possessions dry  A beautifully designed waterproof backpack is also a great way to go - The aptly named Rains Backpack  is perfect to keep your computer or documents dry on a rainy day. Enjoy the ride no matter the weather!
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